participatory methodologies

Broadly, I am interested in how participatory research methodologies in the environment, health, and medicine are situated within the broader context of technology-driven changes in sharing practices, forms of scientific labor, scientific citizenship, and research organization. I address practices undertaken by patients, families, and lay people that include both novel and more traditional forms of participation, including how a wealth of personal data is being taken up in changing understandings of the self and care, and as a strategic asset for research in the life and health sciences and struggles for environmental justice.

Workshop on graphic art and activism at Amisacho Foundation, Lago Agrio, Ecuador. Photo credit: Amelia Fiske 2020.

I am committed to using participatory methodologies in my research. In February 2020, I hosted public workshops on the use of graphic art in activism and popular education in Quito and Lago Agrio, Ecuador. This was a chance to share and reflect with members of the communities in which I had conducted research on pressing socio-environmental challenges and how best to convey these concerns to neighbors, friends, and those further afield.



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