Photo credit: Amy Wilton

I am a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for the History and Ethics of Medicine at the Technical University of Munich (Germany). I am trained as a cultural anthropologist and have been working in interdisciplinary bioethics settings since 2017. My work is situated at the intersection of cultural anthropology, science and technology studies, graphic art, social medicine and bioethics, and environmental humanities. Prior to arriving at the TUM, I received my PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA), held a postdoctoral position at Kiel University (Germany), and conducted extensive field research in Ecuador and Latin America.

I have over a decade of experience conducting interdisciplinary qualitative and ethnographic research in two broad arenas: 1) anthropological and critical social science approaches to bioethics, artificial intelligence, and digital and sociotechnical changes in knowledge production; 2) ethnographic attention to issues of socio-ecological justice, experiences of toxicity in the context of extraction, participatory research methods, and graphic arts.

Methodologically, I am an expert in qualitative research methods grounded in anthropological theories, and in the creative use of graphics for public engagement. I have extensive experience working in multinational contexts, including a recent research study on solidarity in the COVID-19 pandemic across 9 European and 12 Latin American countries, and a long-term engagement on oil extraction and relational harm in Ecuador. My work is published in leading social and health science journals as well as graphic magazines.